Eyebrow threading, our most popular treatment, costs only $8 a session. Our customers feel confident about our treatments because we employ only licensed cosmetologists. Unlike plucking and waxing, which can be painful and create an uneven look to brows, threading is a tried-and-true technique that has been around for thousands of years. Threading uses a cotton thread to lift and pull hair up from the root, which gives you smoother skin and a sexy arch to your eyebrows.

Looking for more than just eyebrows? Our rates are as follows:
One Session
Eyebrow Threading $ 7.99
Upper Lip $ 3.99
Eyebrow+Upper Lip $ 9.99
Lower Lip $ 3.99
Chin $ 5.99
Neck $ 5.99
Full Face $ 24.99
Side Burn $ 5.99
Cheeks $ 4.99
Forehead $ 4.99
UnderArms $ 12.99